Cultural diversity and unity in Christ: the church in multicultural New Zealand (2012)

It might be emerging but is it church? (2009)

Evangelicalism – what is in a name? (2009)

Toward 2015: The Future of Mainline Protestantism in New Zealand (2006)

Against the Tide – Spreydon Baptist Church 1960-2000 (2006)

ANZAC Day: What’s Going On? (2005)

Is New Zealand’s Future Churchless? (2004)

Social Change in Church and Sports Involvement (2003)

Christendom, clericalism, church and context (2002)

Religion in a Post Aquarian Age (2001)

Growing Churches (2001)

Coming Apart at the Seams (2001)

Spiritual Survival in Ministry (1996)

Essays in Candour – a magazine for Presbyterian Ministers

Preaching and Leadership (Nov 2014)

Presbyteries Today (Oct 2014)

The Church in a Land of Immigrants.(Sept 2013)

One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic (May 2012)

Turn-around churches (Nov 2011)

Church Growth Rhetoric (Oct 2011)

Church after Christendom (Mar 2011)

Would the last person turn out the lights (Jul 2010)

Is Preaching Dead (Feb 2010)

Life and faith through film (Aug 2009)

Children and church (Sept 2008)

Becoming Presbyterian (Feb 2008)

Young adults and Presbyterian futures (Sept 2007)

Leading change in congregations (June 2007)

Religion and Politics (Feb 2007)

Towards a unifying centre (Aug 2006)

Marathons and Ministry (Jul 2006)

Creating a welcoming culture (May 2006)

Unpublished papers

Marks of Growing New Zealand Churches (2014)

Ecclesiology and social sciences

Charismatic movement in NZ – theological perspectives

Charismatic movement in NZ – historical perspectives

Changing patterns of congregational life in NZ 1960-2000

Leadership in the New Testament

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