I am Kevin Ward, Senior Lecturer at the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership and Adjunct Lecturer  in Theology at the University of vale2 029Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

My previous experience has been as a secondary school teacher, Baptist minister and then for thirteen years as a lecturer and Associate Dean at the Christchurch Centre of the Bible College of New Zealand (now Laidlaw College). My academic field is practical theology and my  particular interests are in church life and leadership. My research interests are in religion and church in contemporary society and in congregational studies. I have published widely in these areas in New Zealand (and some overseas), for both academic and more general readers. I have recently had three books published in this area, The Church in Post-Sixties New Zealand: decline, growth and change and Losing Our Religion: changing patterns of believing and belonging in secular western societies, and Against the odds: Murray Robertson and Spreydon Baptist church.

I keep myself balanced by walking, cyclinig, tramping (hiking to those outside of New Zealand, golf, music (I am a self confessed Beatles nut) movies (I have taught on ‘Spirituality in Film’ at the University of Otago) and enjoy red wine and good coffee. I enjoy most sports, particularly rugby, and am a passionate All Black fan, and sad to say at the moment am also a life long Manchester United supporter in the other football code. I have three married children, two of whom live in Australia, where my two grandchildren are (a Kiwi grandchild is on the way wonderfully). The latter are also helping to keep me balanced and gain some good perspectives on what matters in life.

  1. Sean Cathie
    August 4, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    Hi, Kevin. I just came across yr paper on Change in sprt and religion online- enjoyed what was for me a surprising combination and the insights you identified at the end in relation to touch. What a lovely parable, or metaphor is that!
    I’ve just finished my doctorate in practical theology at King’s London which was looking at how the exercise of authority/leadership can and should be combined with the practice of pastoral care. I used the history of the development of the hospital as therapeutic community by the military in World War 2 as bringing together those two aspects with an approach that shared power and authority with the patients.

  2. Charles
    January 23, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    How do I get hold of you pls e a thesis!??
    Charles Crothers

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